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Our Story

When Gary lost his job as a Laser Programmer many years ago he knew he would find a new job. He just didn't know that it would take a lot longer than he originally thought.

One day he came home from his job search and he thought back some 30 years ago when he used to watch his mother-in-law cook the delicious Mexican food she often cooked for them over the years. he had an idea. He would make his own salsa! Gary loved salsa and thought he might be able to create a few salsa variations of his own. It wasn’t hard to get his family to taste his new salsa creations, which was very helpful when it came to making any necessary changes so he could create the perfect salsa recipe.

Because Gary and his family were enjoying the salsa so much he started sharing the salsa with friends. Every time they would tell him "Gary, you should start selling your salsa!". He finally took their advice and started looking into what he needed to do to sell his salsa. There's a lot involved in getting a new food business regulated and approved, which can be a very time-consuming and expensive endeavor. But he knew it was worth it and went through the process to got his food business approved.

He took his salsa to the University of Arizona for testing, got the approval he was looking for and the San Pedro River Valley Salsa company was born! Gary says, "I know I'm giving my customers a healthy product because it's been tested at the U of A labs and approved by the Cochise County Health Department." Gary chose the name because he lives in the San Pedro Valley, and since the San Pedro River flows right through the valley it just seemed to make sense.

Although Gary never had planned on making a living making and selling salsa, it was something that was simply meant to be. It's now 35 years later and he's still making and selling his delicious line of salsas. Gary is currently married with 5 (spoiled) kids, 12 grand-kids and 3 great-grand kids. 

Where You Can Find Gary

Gary used to do 5 markets a week but after many years of driving he's decided that 2 markets now works best for him - The Sierra Vista Community Market and the Sierra Vista Farmers Market. He also attends 1 seasonal market and about 6 festivals every year. When asked what his favorite thing about being a market vendor is, Gary tells us "People, people, people! I love interacting with my customers and I love providing them with a high-quality product. It's by far more fun and rewarding than any other job I've ever had."

Gary's salsas are in 25 stores in Southern Arizona and New Mexico and growing.

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